The Company

About AKOM Survey Services Limited

We have the expertise and resources to provide mapping and survey consultancy in almost all fields of surveying. In partnership, we provide specialized services in many areas of geo- mapping, including Remote Sensing, Geophysical and Geotechnical Surveys, Hydrography, Aerial Photography, Orthophoto Mapping, Topographical Mapping, Environmental Impact Analysis, and Geographic Information System (GIS).

Our Corporate Office is in Calabar, No 15 Murtala Mohammed Highway, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria.

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Company’s Organizational Chart

AKOM employs highly qualified and motivated staff in its operations. The operational areas are grouped into departments headed by managers who report to a projects coordinator. The projects coordinator and quality assurance manager report to the Managing Director.

The table below shows the operational structure of the AKOM management. Each of the departmental head is responsible for surveyors and technicians in the different departments.

Partnership Agreement

AKOM is always ready to enter into partnership arrangement with oversea companies having expertise in the core areas of its operations depending on the nature of the project at hand. In the area of large-scale mapping by photogrammetry and remote sensing, the company has an existing agreement with Ingenieurburo Fur Luftbildauswertung Und Vermessung (ILV) of Germany.

For mapping of small areas using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), AKOM is in partnership with the Nigerian Air Force Investments Limited (NAFIL).

Personnel Resources

AKOM Survey Services Limited operates an open-ended staffing system in which, in addition to the permanent and well qualified staff, other experts in various areas are enlisted or employed as the need arises. The company has permanent staff in addition to the artisans and secretariat staff. In some cases, the company employs the services of consultants from the Universities and other companies for some of our projects.

Secretary’s Office

Data Processing Office

Conference Room

Equipment Resources

AKOM is a highly modern company, employing computer- based instruments and methods in all our operations. Among the instruments and facilities, we possess are the following:

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)


Land Survey Instruments

  • Trimble Digital Level & Accessories
  • Trimble Total Station (m1 DR) & Accessories
  • Trimble R8 GNSS RTK, 450-470 MHZ with complete Accessories & 1 Kit Radio, Trimark 3 Base Station (Trimble)
  • Germin III Hand - Held GPS

Computers, Plotters and Scanners

  • AORUS High – End Workstation 64 – GB RAM
  • BM Workstations
  • Desktop Computers
  • Laptop Computers
  • Hp Design jet 800 A0 Plotter
  • Hp ML 350T06 E5530 SFF US Server
  • Hp Designjet T1120 HD MFP
  • Hp Designjet T1120 Scanner
  • Panasonic Colour Copier with Scanner DP 265


  • 5 4-Wheel Vehicles

Field communication

  • Motorola VHF 2 watt radio

Our Software include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Correlator 3D License
  • Trimble Business Centre Survey Advanced
  • ESRI Arc GIS
  • AutoCAD Map 3D
  • AutoCAD
  • VMap


AKOM Survey Services Limited will seek to conduct its operations in such a way as to avoid harm to its employees, third party who may be affected directly or indirectly by its activities and to maintain the highest practical standards of safety, occupational health and protection of the environment.

AKOM Survey Services Limited have set the following objectives with respect to Safety, Health and the Environment:

  • To prevent all injuries and reduce accidents at the workplace.
  • To provide a safe and healthy working environment.
  • To establish safe working practices throughout its operations.
  • To provide training for all employees to help them work safety and protect the
  • To comply with all statutory and customer obligations with regards to safety, health and
    environmental protection.
  • To maintain emergency response procedures.
  • To develop safety, health and environmental awareness amongst all employees.
  • To analyse risks associated with its operations and define effective remedial or
    contingency plans.

Employees have a responsibility to co-operate with and do their best to achieve these standards, and exercise a high level of awareness and self-discipline to prevent injury to themselves or others and prevent damage to the environment.

In this regard, all requirements and instructions relating to the application and implementation of this policy and associated procedures are to be regarded as mandatory for the safety and well being of all concerned.
Non compliance of these policies and procedures may be regarded as gross misconduct and could result in disciplinary action being taken.

An important aspect of our operation is the issue of community relation. At AKOM Survey Services Limited, we place high premium on strict observance of SHE regulations as part of our total quality assurance plan. Before any operation, we always make the establishment of a good working relationship with the host communities part of the first steps in this connection, the head of the technical crew is mandated to visit the relevant people and secure the necessary consent. Along this line we always create opportunities for the employment of local labor and facilities. Not only this, we make provision for the development of community–based projects such as building of town hall, health centre, market stalls and roads depending on the nature and size of our operations in the area. We liaise with the heads of each community and the youth groups.

It is our belief that no meaningful work can be carried out in an atmosphere of fear and violence hence adequate priority is given to security of all staff, equipment and the entire work environment. In addition to the security measures detailed in our SHE plan, we make provision for the engagement of security personnel to provide a safe surrounding for our work. Also, each of our staff is encouraged to be security conscious and observe all safety rules as spelt out in our SHE.

At AKOM Survey Services Limited, our labour force is our strength. We therefore, as a matter of policy, create a good working relationship with labour. We always pay adequate attention to staff welfare as detailed in our SHE manual. Each staff is made to know he/she is a stakeholder in what we do. There are avenues for channeling grievances and each matter raised by our staff is treated with the utmost seriousness in line with our overall company objective and interest. It is our belief that labour disputes should be settled before they occur to avoid job delay.

Our company believes in the concept of capacity building of our staff because of its numerous advantages not only to our organization, but to the technological advancement Nigeria. We achieve this through regular scheduling of our staff for attendance at conferences, workshops and regular training.. We also do in-house training of our technical staff on application of new hardware and software instruments as they arrive. We encourage our staff to visit the websites of relevant companies whose products we use in our various operations.